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Until the beginning of the 13th century, the area upstream of the rivers Labe, Úpa and Metuje was in the much part inaccessible ancient forest serving as a natural border barrier. During the reign of King Ottokar I more settlers began moving into the previously sporadically inhabited area around the middle and upper Metuje and sometime around the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries the first settlers arrived in the desolate land of Policko. They were monks from the Order of St. Benedict from Břevnov monastery who built a hermitage with a wooden chapel of the Virgin Mary roughly at the position where the Policko monastery was later to stand and began cutting the forest and working the land. Sometime at the beginning of the 13th century, Ottakar I donated a wide area of land around the upper Metuje to Břevnov abbot Chun. The deed of donation, dated 1213 (although it is a later forgery, it does describe the actual situation), includes the first mention of the local name of today’s town of Police nad Metují – estate, generally referred to as ‘Police’. It may well be that it was under abbot Chun that the priory was founded, coming under the Břevnov abbots. Not far from the first wooden monastery, the first settlements soon grew up, colonised by settlers from the Bohemia midlands.

Policko jako krajina, děsící svou širou pustinou / historie Policka

From the beginning, however, the colonisation of Policko did not take place particularly quickly even though the first farming villages had been founded in close proximity to and serving the monastery (Ledhuje, Bukovice, Radešov), because in documents of King Wenceslas I from 1229 the land of Policko is described as a ‘land of awesome vast wilderness’.

osídlovaní Policka / historie Policka

A more extensive colonisation of Policko probably didn’t take place until after the Tartar invaders left Europe at the end of 1241, when the other surrounding villages were founded: Bezděkov, Bělý, Hlavňov, Maršov, Metuje, Suchý Důl.

Městské zřízení Police nad Metují / historie Policka

Police nad Metují na mapě

Policko leží v Královéhradeckém kraji, je součástí turistické oblasti Kladské pomezí a Chráněné krajinné oblasti Broumovsko, výchozím bodem je Police nad Metují / GPS 50.5360789N, 16.2336972E

informační centrum najdete v Pellyho domech na náměstí informační centrum najdete v Pellyho domech na náměstí

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radnice z roku 1718 v Polici nad Metují město Police nad Metují s radnicí z roku 1718

Dobrovolný svazek obcí Policka / Bezděkov nad Metují, Bukovice, Česká Metuje, Machov, Police nad Metují, Suchý Důl, Velké Petrovice, Žďár nad Metují

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